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My name is Diane Oates and I breed Abyssinian Cats in Tawny, Cinnamon, Blue, Fawn, Silver & Cinnamon Silver. My prefix is Shadowlea. My partner

Ron Arbuthnott used to be part of thisTypical Tawny kitten until he discovered Roses! Ron's prefix was Ra, being the Egyptian Sun God and Ron's initials.


I'm still hanging on by a thread - am reluctant to give up 21 years doing something I love.

I don't have any kittens now and none planned at the moment.

Don't take any notice of the Kittens page - it isn't working

Runner-up to Breeder of the Year in The Abyssinian Breeder magazine for most of the year, Happy customerbut knocked into 3rd place by a whisker for the final standings;

Breeder of 1st & 4th Stud Cat; 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th Brood Queen of the Year in the Aby Breeder.

Showing is a great hobby and I also get a great deal of satisfaction from being able to start other breeders off, especially when they do as well as Sue Jentsch (Osiris (V))has done, but the most rewarding part of breeding cats is the phone calls,letters, and photos received from people who have bought a kitten which has brought so much love into their lives. There is absolutely nothing like being owned by an Aby!

On this site you will find some information about Aby's in general, details and some photos of the cats that got us started, those that are currently ruling our lives, those that have retired from breeding and are looking for a new home and litters for sale. There is a link to GCCFV's site where you can check out how we are doing in Group 3 Cat of the Year and also to Nile Abys where results for Abys & Somalis are collected from all over Australia for The Abyssinian Breeder Magazine and the cats are listed according to the points earned.

Ron had his own prefix of Ra (for his initials Ron Arbuthnott as well as the Egyptian Sun God) for a while but he has become besotted by roses and doesn't have time to go to cat shows any more so all cats are now in my name and will have the Shadowlea prefix.

I had originally scoured Australia for tawnys not carrying blue, but blues have grown on me so we now breed the full collection of colours and even have a blue stud, Karolais Smokestack Lightening, who has produced some lovely blue and tawny kittens.

We have lots of cats in the house, as well as in the cattery. In fact, the house seems to be run for the benefit of the cats! We have been told that we have too many cats and I sometimes agree. There were never any Open Studs in Victoria, where you could take a queen to be mated and you couldn't buy a show quality kitten either, so it was necessary to keep a sufficiently large number of cats to keep a reasonably open gene pool, especially as we had silvers as well. I don't go out to work any more and the children are all grown up, so I have all day to devote to the cats.

To breed & show healthy, happy, loving Abys and to bring the breed to the forefront of the cat world, so that people will no longer ask "What does an Abyssinian look like." I would like them to be universally recognized for their wonderful qualities.

When is the best time to get a cat?

Adopting a cat is more than just adding another pet to your home or backyard; it is welcoming a new member to your family or a really good friend to your group. Before making this decision there are a few things that you must take into account to determine whether your new buddy is arriving at the right time in your life. Here are just a few things that will alter your lifestyle as soon as those small, furry paws land on your doorstep.

You will have less free time for yourself. If you live a hectic life in which work takes up to 10 hours out of your daily routine, then purchasing a cat, no matter what its breed is, will do you more damage than good. Abyssinian cats, for example, are joyful creatures who love to play with their owners. If they are ignored or left alone, they will become severely depressed, which is not good for their health. This means that between work and sleep you will have to dedicate a lot of time playing with your cat, instead of hanging on Live Sex Cams like you usually do. Live Sex Cams like are a great solution to finding your match online. This is the place where many singles come to meet new people and possibly start serious relationships. Just like cats, they require a great deal of attention if you are to find a suitable love interest.

A cat means extra expenses. So, you might have a job that does not take too much time and you actually get to spend a good part of your day at home. This means that adopting a playful Abyssinian cat is highly convenient, right? Hell, with so much free time, why not adopting two? Well, the answers to these questions are not that easy. That is because having a pet means having extra expenses every month. From the periodic vaccinations to the daily food, from occasional illnesses to exciting toys, having an Abyssinian cat will cost you serious money. Sooner or later you will find your budget for Live Sex Cams diminished or completely eliminated. By not having access to these websites that offer adult entertainment and social interaction, you will find yourself isolated and alone and very soon the only discussion partner that you will have will be your cat.

You will have less to no holidays. Ok, so let’s say that you have a good paying job that you even get to do from home. Therefore, you have both the time and the money to entertain an Abyssinian cat. The downside to this is that you will have very little time to take a vacation. If you book a holiday and you have no one to leave your cat with for a couple of weeks, you might just have to take it with you. The Abyssinian cat, however, is an extremely shy breed that feels uncomfortable around other people. Exposing it to many strangers might cause her permanent trauma and will most likely ruin your vacation. It is more advisable to just stay at home and enjoy your free time on Live Sex Cams, with or without the cat you will be in good company anyway.


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